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WeAreHairy.com Members Area

Dear Member,

Kindly ask you not to share our content of torrent and filelockers for 3 simple reasons:

1) All on our team (models, photographers, editors, programmers, etc) put forth a lot of hard labor so you can enjoy this content. Nobody (and you too) likes working for free, so if you cheat us we won’t be able to pay the bills and update the site in the future and you won"t get the new, fresh content you like so much.

2) 90% of our models are amateurs. It is needless to say how difficult it is to find beautiful hairy girls nowadays and convince them to shoot for the site. It is one thing when their content is visible to members inside members area, it is another thing when it is publicly available to anybody. Girls will simply refuse to shoot for the site.

3) It’s simply illegal.

Please be fair and show your love for the site and models you like so much.

Thank you for your support and understanding!
Team WeAreHairy.com